Selected film-scores and music from IMDB

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“Cecilia Weston is a superb Conductor. She is passionate, graceful and extraordinarily hard working, effortlessly bringing so much to each recording session, including a fantastic eye for detail. Cecilia is a joy to work with, the testament to this the many years we have collaborated on award winning film scores, album sessions and concert work.“

Craig Armstrong OBE

“So much heartfelt thanks for your wonderful work in Moulin Rouge”

“Once again, you help make the end of the film working process into the beautiful and exquisite sound” (Gatsby)

Baz Lurhmann

“A life-giving force to the music”

Michael Boyd, ex director, Royal Shakespeare Company

“Much of the ‘feeling’ of the music comes from you being a conduit between the musical notes on the page, the composer, and with the orchestra …I have huge admiration for what you do ….it’s always a big highlight of the recording process .. to see you at work”

Anton Monsted – Fox

“Performed by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra… under the baton of Cecilia Weston… could not have been more dramatic… the pace was relentless and a taut, bravura performance… illuminated the piece with tension and drive that never faltered”


“I consider Cecilia Weston to be a really exceptional talent with very good instinctive sense of tempo, a great sensitivity and natural ability to feel the music”

Walter Weller (Conductor)


“Cecilia’s innate qualities render her an ideal mentor. She communicates clearly, she is patient, committed, knowledgeable, passionate and genuinely interested in the success of her students….. her teachings and influence will undoubtedly remain with me for the rest of my career”

Jake Morgan – Film Composer

“Ce matin que des louanges sur ce stage et sur vous…les musiciens de l’orchestre sont unanimes pour vous remercier de leur avoir fait passer un weekend extraordinaire….merci pour votre charisme et votre simplicité..vous etes une ‘Grande’.”

Guy Feriot, Bergerac

“J’ai la chance d’avoir rencontré Cecilia Weston… Mentor féminin présente autant dans la précision du geste, dans la musicalité, dans le choix du répertoire que dans la psychologie de l’orchestre.”

Marjorie Claver