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Cecilia’s work as a film conductor on award winning Hollywood scores has defined her recent career.

Her close collaboration over many years with composer Craig Armstrong, has involved working with some of the world’s top directors, orchestrators, sound engineers, and musicians. Projects include ASCAP winning and Grammy nominated The Great Gatsby, Golden Globe, Bafta, AFI and World Sound Track award winning Moulin Rouge, and the Grammy award winning Ray.

She was worked with directors Baz Luhrmann, Richard Curtis, Oliver Stone, Thea Sharrock, Thomas Vinterberg, Shekhar Kapur, Taylor Hackford and many others.

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Early years

From an academic and performing background, Cecilia began her musical education at Edinburgh and Cambridge Universities, going on to study violin with Emanuel Hurwitz from the Royal Academy of Music in London. While leading her own string quartet and arranging for quartet and string ensemble for publishers Fentone Music, she was also head of strings at one of London’s leading schools. It was here that Cecilia began to take an interest in conducting, and she began creating her own youth orchestra and choir initiatives.

Becoming a conductor

In 1994, Cecilia won the Post Office’s Conductor of the Year award. She was awarded a scholarship to pursue a Masters degree at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Dance, now the Royal Conservatoire, assisting the late Sir Alexander Gibson, followed by a year as the Academy’s Junior Conducting Fellow. Recognition of her talent came in the form of numerous awards and prizes, enabling her to study with the legendary Ilya Alexandrovitch Musin at the renowned St Petersburg Conservatoire, in Basel with Walter Weller at the opera house, and in Bolzano and Berlin, at the invitation of Claudio Abbado, one of the 20th century’s most celebrated conductors.

Taking the stage

Cecilia’s career as a conductor has seen her span genres and disciplines. A true crossover artist, she is passionate about music in all its forms, focusing, as her colleague Craig Armstrong has said, simply on the ‘excitement and integrity of the music itself’. She’s as at home in the recording studio as she is on the concert platform, working alongside classical musicians, singers, choirs, orchestras, multi media and/or pop artists.

Over the years she has worked with ensembles including The London Session Orchestra at Air Lyndhurst, The London Sinfonietta, The Scottish Ensemble, Clockwork Sessions, Basel Opera House, The Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Metro Voices, Scottish Voices and others. She has also conducted sessions for pop artists including Texas, Paul Buchanan and The Spice Girls.